About Us

Creating Value through Asset Management

JLC Infrastructure is an investor and asset management firm focused on the transportation, communications, energy, utilities and social infrastructure sectors in North America.  The firm was formed in 2015 by Loop Capital and Magic Johnson Enterprises, with offices in New York City and Chicago.  JLC, a 100% minority-controlled firm, was founded on the principle that investing responsibly, supporting communities, and building teams with diverse backgrounds and experience, result in sustainable long term value creation for our investors.   Aligning our clients with the communities our portfolio companies serve is a primary focus when managing our investments.  With this core tenet in mind, JLC maintains a broad network of long-standing relationships with municipalities, governments, infrastructure companies, investors, advisors and financing providers throughout the country.  We strive to partner with other leading firms who share our commitment to the Environment, diversity and inclusion, local communities, and proper governance.  JLC, through a differentiated investment approach, has provided investors access to highly sought-after opportunities to participate in the infrastructure sector, targeting a balanced portfolio of middle-market investments across critical public and private sector infrastructure assets.